2019 Schedule

05-May2pmGG4Saved by the BallsGrand Salami’s
05-May2pmGG5Bomb SquadPanther Slo-Pitch
05-May2pmGG6KrakenNeil Diamonds
05-May2pmGG7All About That BaseSwingers
05-May3:45pmGG4Where My Pitches At?Nice Snatch
05-May3:45pmGG5Make it a DoubleField of Dreams
05-May3:45pmGG6Dusty MittsBlack Sox
05-May3:45pmGG7Bullpen 15Sons of Pitches
05-May5:30pmGG4Nailin’ PitchesSmooth Operators
05-May5:30pmGG5I’d Hit ThatSmokin’ A’s
05-May5:30pmGG6Under ConstructionOne Hitters
05-May5:30pmGG7Mixed NutsCleats N Cleavage
12-May2pmGG4Mixed NutsSwingers
12-May2pmGG5I’d Hit ThatPanther Slo-Pitch
12-May2pmGG6KrakenOne Hitters
12-May2pmGG7Nailin’ PitchesGrand Salami’s
12-May3:45pmGG4Sons of PitchesAll About That Base
12-May3:45pmGG5Field of DreamsBomb Squad
12-May3:45pmGG6Neil DiamondsDusty Mitts
12-May3:45pmGG7Nice SnatchSaved by the Balls
12-May5:30pmGG4Bullpen 15Cleats N Cleavage
12-May5:30pmGG5Make it a DoubleSmokin’ A’s
12-May5:30pmGG6Under ConstructionBlack Sox
12-May5:30pmGG7Where My Pitches At?Smooth Operators
26-May12:15pmGG4Black SoxKraken
26-May12:15pmGG5Smokin’ A’sBomb Squad
26-May12:15pmGG6One HittersDusty Mitts
26-May12:15pmGG7Smooth OperatorsSaved by the Balls
26-May2pmGG4Cleats N CleavageSons of Pitches
26-May2pmGG5Bomb SquadI’d Hit That
26-May2pmGG6Dusty MittsUnder Construction
26-May2pmGG7Saved by the BallsNailin’ Pitches
26-May3:45pmGG4Cleats N CleavageAll About That Base
26-May3:45pmGG5Smokin’ A’sField of Dreams
26-May3:45pmGG6One HittersNeil Diamonds
26-May3:45pmGG7Smooth OperatorsNice Snatch
26-May5:30pmGG4All About That BaseMixed Nuts
26-May5:30pmGG5Panther Slo-PitchMake it a Double
26-May5:30pmGG6SwingersBullpen 15
26-May5:30pmGG7Grand Salami’sWhere My Pitches At?
02-Jun12:15pmGG4Nice SnatchGrand Salami’s
02-Jun12:15pmGG5Field of DreamsPanther Slo-Pitch
02-Jun12:15pmGG6Neil DiamondsBlack Sox
02-Jun12:15pmGG7Sons of PitchesSwingers
02-Jun2pmGG4Grand Salami’sNice Snatch
02-Jun2pmGG5Panther Slo-PitchField of Dreams
02-Jun2pmGG6Black SoxNeil Diamonds
02-Jun2pmGG7SwingersSons of Pitches
02-Jun3:45pmGG4Smooth OperatorsSaved by the Balls
02-Jun3:45pmGG5Smokin’ A’sBomb Squad
02-Jun3:45pmGG6One HittersDusty Mitts
02-Jun3:45pmGG7Cleats N CleavageAll About That Base
02-Jun5:30pmGG4Where My Pitches At?Nailin’ Pitches
02-Jun5:30pmGG5Make it a DoubleI’d Hit That
02-Jun5:30pmGG6KrakenUnder Construction
02-Jun5:30pmGG7Bullpen 15Mixed Nuts
09-Jun12:15pmGG4Bullpen 15Mixed Nuts
09-Jun12:15pmGG5Make it a DoubleI’d Hit That
09-Jun12:15pmGG6KrakenUnder Construction
09-Jun12:15pmGG7Where My Pitches At?Nailin’ Pitches
09-Jun2pmGG4All About That BaseBullpen 15
09-Jun2pmGG5I’d Hit ThatField of Dreams
09-Jun2pmGG6Dusty MittsKraken
09-Jun2pmGG7Saved by the BallsWhere My Pitches At?
09-Jun3:45pmGG4Mixed NutsSons of Pitches
09-Jun3:45pmGG5Bomb SquadMake it a Double
09-Jun3:45pmGG6Under ConstructionNeil Diamonds
09-Jun3:45pmGG7Nailin’ PitchesNice Snatch
09-Jun5:30pmGG4SwingersCleats N Cleavage
09-Jun5:30pmGG5Panther Slo-PitchSmokin’ A’s
09-Jun5:30pmGG6Black SoxOne Hitters
09-Jun5:30pmGG7Grand Salami’sSmooth Operators
16-Jun10:30amMardenNeil DiamondsKraken
16-Jun12:15pmMardenBlack SoxDusty Mitts
16-Jun2pmMardenField of DreamsMake it a Double
16-Jun3:45pmMardenI’d Hit ThatSmokin’ A’s
16-Jun5:30pmMardenPanther Slo-PitchBomb Squad
16-Jun10:30amU of G – MainMixed NutsCleats N Cleavage
16-Jun12:15pmU of G – MainSwingersAll About That Base
16-Jun2pmU of G – MainNice SnatchWhere My Pitches At?
16-Jun3:45pmU of G – MainSons of PitchesBullpen 15
16-Jun5:30pmU of G – MainUnder ConstructionOne Hitters
16-Jun2pmU of G – WestNailin’ PitchesSmooth Operators
16-Jun3:45pmU of G – WestGrand Salami’sSaved by the Balls
23-Jun2pmGG4Saved by the BallsNice Snatch
23-Jun2pmGG5Bomb SquadField of Dreams
23-Jun2pmGG6Dusty MittsNeil Diamonds
23-Jun2pmGG7All About That BaseSons of Pitches
23-Jun3:45pmGG4Smooth OperatorsWhere My Pitches At?
23-Jun3:45pmGG5Panther Slo-PitchI’d Hit That
23-Jun3:45pmGG6One HittersKraken
23-Jun3:45pmGG7Cleats N CleavageBullpen 15
23-Jun5:30pmGG4Grand Salami’sNailin’ Pitches
23-Jun5:30pmGG5Smokin’ A’sMake it a Double
23-Jun5:30pmGG6Black SoxUnder Construction
23-Jun5:30pmGG7SwingersMixed Nuts
14-Jul2pmGG4Nailin’ PitchesSaved by the Balls
14-Jul2pmGG5Make it a DoublePanther Slo-Pitch
14-Jul2pmGG6KrakenBlack Sox
14-Jul2pmGG7Mixed NutsAll About That Base
14-Jul3:45pmGG4Nice SnatchSmooth Operators
14-Jul3:45pmGG5I’d Hit ThatMake it a Double
14-Jul3:45pmGG6Neil DiamondsOne Hitters
14-Jul3:45pmGG7Sons of PitchesCleats N Cleavage
14-Jul5:30pmGG4Where My Pitches At?Grand Salami’s
14-Jul5:30pmGG5I’d Hit ThatBomb Squad
14-Jul5:30pmGG6Under ConstructionDusty Mitts
14-Jul5:30pmGG7Bullpen 15Swingers
21-Jul12:15pmGG4Sons of PitchesBullpen 15
21-Jul2pmGG4Mixed NutsBullpen 15
21-Jul2pmGG6Under ConstructionKraken
21-Jul3:45pmGG4SwingersSons of Pitches
21-Jul3:45pmGG5Panther Slo-PitchField of Dreams
21-Jul3:45pmGG6Black SoxNeil Diamonds
21-Jul3:45pmGG7Grand Salami’sNice Snatch
21-Jul5:30pmGG4All About That BaseCleats N Cleavage
21-Jul5:30pmGG5Bomb SquadSmokin’ A’s
21-Jul5:30pmGG7Saved by the BallsSmooth Operators
28-Jul12:15pmGG7Nailin’ PitchesWhere My Pitches At?
28-Jul12:15pmGG6KrakenDusty Mitts
28-Jul2pmGG5Field of DreamsI’d Hit That
28-Jul2pmGG6Neil DiamondsUnder Construction
28-Jul2pmGG7Nice SnatchNailin’ Pitches
28-Jul2pmGG4Sons of PitchesMixed Nuts
28-Jul3:45pmGG5Smokin’ A’sPanther Slo-Pitch
28-Jul3:45pmGG6One HittersBlack Sox
28-Jul3:45pmGG7Smooth OperatorsGrand Salami’s
28-Jul3:45pmGG4Cleats N CleavageSwingers
28-Jul5:30pmGG5Make it a DoubleBomb Squad
28-Jul5:30pmGG4Bullpen 15All About That Base
28-Jul5:30pmGG7Where My Pitches At?Saved by the Balls
11-Aug10:30amMardenAll About That BaseSwingers
11-Aug12:15pmMardenBomb SquadPanther Slo-Pitch
11-Aug2pmMardenOne HittersUnder Construction
11-Aug3:45pmMardenField of DreamsMake it a Double
11-Aug5:30pmMardenSmokin’ A’sI’d Hit That
11-Aug10:30amU of G – MainNice SnatchWhere My Pitches At?
11-Aug12:15pmU of G – MainSaved by the BallsGrand Salami’s
11-Aug2pmU of G – MainSmooth OperatorsNailin’ Pitches
11-Aug3:45pmU of G – MainCleats N CleavageMixed Nuts
11-Aug5:30pmU of G – MainDusty MittsBlack Sox
18-Aug12:15pmGG5Neil DiamondsKraken
18-Aug12:15pmGG6Dusty MittsOne Hitters
18-Aug2pmGG4Nice SnatchSaved by the Balls
18-Aug2pmGG5Field of DreamsBomb Squad
18-Aug2pmGG6Neil DiamondsDusty Mitts
18-Aug2pmGG7Sons of PitchesAll About That Base
18-Aug3:45pmGG4Nailin’ PitchesGrand Salami’s
18-Aug3:45pmGG5I’d Hit ThatPanther Slo-Pitch
18-Aug3:45pmGG6KrakenOne Hitters
18-Aug3:45pmGG7Mixed NutsSwingers
25-Aug12:15pmGG4Bullpen 15Cleats N Cleavage
25-Aug12:15pmGG5Bomb SquadI’d Hit That
25-Aug12:15pmGG6Under ConstructionBlack Sox
25-Aug12:15pmGG7Where My Pitches At?Smooth Operators
25-Aug2pmGG4SwingersBullpen 15
25-Aug2pmGG5Panther Slo-PitchMake it a Double
25-Aug2pmGG6Black SoxKraken
25-Aug2pmGG7Grand Salami’sWhere My Pitches At?
25-Aug3:45pmGG4All About That BaseMixed Nuts
25-Aug3:45pmGG5Make It A DoubleSmokin A’s
25-Aug3:45pmGG6Dusty MittsUnder Construction
25-Aug3:45pmGG7Saved by the BallsNailin’ Pitches
25-Aug5:30pmGG4Cleats N CleavageSons of Pitches
25-Aug5:30pmGG5Smokin’ A’sField of Dreams
25-Aug5:30pmGG6One HittersNeil Diamonds
25-Aug5:30pmGG7Smooth OperatorsNice Snatch