I’d Hit That

05-May5:30pmGG5I’d Hit ThatSmokin’ A’sL 17-8
12-May2pmGG5I’d Hit ThatPanther Slo-PitchW 14-5
26-May2pmGG5Bomb SquadI’d Hit ThatW 18-6
02-Jun5:30pmGG5Make it a DoubleI’d Hit ThatW 24-13
09-Jun12:15pmGG5Make it a DoubleI’d Hit ThatL 22-7
09-Jun2pmGG5I’d Hit ThatField of DreamsW 29-11
16-Jun3:45pmMardenI’d Hit ThatSmokin’ A’sW 16-11
23-Jun3:45pmGG5Panther Slo-PitchI’d Hit ThatL 17-5
14-Jul5:30pmGG5I’d Hit ThatBomb SquadW 24-7
14-Jul3:45pmGG5I’d Hit ThatMake it a DoubleW 21-12
28-Jul2pmGG5Field of DreamsI’d Hit ThatW 22-8
11-Aug5:30pmMardenSmokin’ A’sI’d Hit ThatW 19-17
18-Aug3:45pmGG5I’d Hit ThatPanther Slo-PitchL 17-16
25-Aug12:15pmGG5Bomb SquadI’d Hit ThatW 21-15