Sons of Pitches

05-May3:45pmGG7Bullpen 15Sons of PitchesL 22-11
12-May3:45pmGG4Sons of PitchesAll About That BaseL 24-9
26-May2pmGG4Cleats N CleavageSons of PitchesW 18-16
02-Jun12:15pmGG7Sons of PitchesSwingersL 18-3
02-Jun2pmGG7SwingersSons of PitchesL 16-12
09-Jun3:45pmGG4Mixed NutsSons of PitchesL 15-8
16-Jun3:45pmU of G – MainSons of PitchesBullpen 15L 17-12
23-Jun2pmGG7All About That BaseSons of PitchesL 13-9
14-Jul3:45pmGG7Sons of PitchesCleats N CleavageW 17-14
21-Jul12:15pmGG4Sons of PitchesBullpen 15L 34-2
21-Jul3:45pmGG4SwingersSons of PitchesL 26-0
28-Jul2pmGG4Sons of PitchesMixed NutsW 16-8
18-Aug2pmGG7Sons of PitchesAll About That BaseL 24-6
25-Aug5:30pmGG4Cleats N CleavageSons of PitchesL 15-13